Upcoming Events

PC Building Workshop: 6pm 3/6/2019 @Candler 122

Come to our PC building workshop Wednesday 3/6 at 6pm in Candler Library Room 122, lead by our very own hardware hacker Chris Wyllie! We will discuss budgeting, selecting and buying parts, assembly, and how to prevent cable spaghetti. In case you can't make it, or would like to follow along at your own pace, the slides are presented below.

Member Engagement

As the largest coding and robotics club on campus, HackEmory is dedicated to bringing engaging events to our community. We strive to bring tech-minded students of all backgrounds together for projects, workshops and networking, fostering a community of collaboration.

Interesting Workshops

Ever wanted to build a self-driving robot car? How about code a text bot replacing profanity with insanity? Or learn how to create your own app? HackEmory's workshops can help you with all of this, and more! Join us at our weekly events, posted in the events section above!

Technical Mentorship

Connect with upper-level students in Computer Science and related fields to chat about career paths, projects, or just to ask about their experiences in the industry!

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